i-Med Communications is a medical and scientific communications company providing solutions for healthcare industry, pharmaceutical companies, Biotech companies and researchers.

We can help you with:

  • Data organization and analysis – Before you can plan a manuscript you need to know what the data is showing. We can organize and analyze the data.
  • Publication planning – Before a manuscript is written, lot of planning is required. We help you in publication planning and figuring out what is needed for the manuscript, which journal is appropriate for the publication and data organization
  • Creative aspects of scientific publications such as creating figures including graphs, plots, flowcharts etc.
  • Peer reviewed journal articles, reviews and supplements – We can help you in manuscript preparation and submission to peer reviewed scientific journals.
  • Competitive literature search – i-Med Communications can help you in doing competitive literature search and help in gathering all the information you need for your projects.
  • PowerPoint presentations – We can create branded PowerPoint templates and presentations. We can also help you in the content for the presentations.
  • Slide Kits, abstracts and posters – Prepare capabilities presentations and media kits. Write abstracts and posters for conferences.
  • Preparation of PPG and NIHRO1 grants – We can help you in getting grants ready for submission. We help you with the forms, editing, figures data verification and references.
  • Animal protocols, SOPs,
  • Content for conferences/symposia
  • Investigative brochures