i-Med communications is a medical and scientific communications company providing solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our innovative approach provides the right mix of scientific communication services and creative design services to create marketing materials which are informative and attractive. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide develop new medicines to help patients to live longer and healthier lives. We help them in creating attractive and informative materials about their products and services which are easy to understand for the consumers.

We also help in brand development for the pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It involves creating logo and other marketing materials for each product including, brochures and websites. Scientific peer reviewed publications are important in getting the research acknowledged by scientific community. We help in manuscript preparation, abstracts, presentations and posters.

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i-Med Communications was founded by Jay Paranjape in 2007. Jay has been involved in research since 1987 and has worked in several research fields. She started her work in Drosophila genetics and got her Master’s in Drosophila genetics from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai India. She received prestigious CSIR fellowship for further studies. She then went on to do further studies in Molecular Biology at Cancer Research Institute. After coming to USA she started working in Cancer Biology and then Anti-viral pathways at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland OH. She gained extensive experience in role of interferon in anti-viral mechanisms by working on a key enzyme in the pathway called, RNase L. During her research studies she also started writing manuscripts, posters and presentations.

In 2007 she founded i-Med Communications and started working with researchers. Focus of her work is to provide creative scientific solutions for researchers. As a scientific writer she has prepared manuscripts, PowerPoint presentations, Posters, animal protocols, human subject protocols. She helps researchers in grant preparation and submissions. She continues to work in the field of innate and acquired immunity understanding the genes involved in the host defense mechanisms.

She is very passionate about her work and strives to provide creative solutions. In her spare time she enjoys music, reading and spending time with her twin boys.